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a word that can basically be used for anything thanks to a g named sandeep
You got a C on that test? Nigga thats hella cheft
Oh shitt man I can't believe I tapped that...shes hella cheft
What a cheft.
Why is he so chefty?
What the cheft are u doing
Jess is a junior cheft
by brownieboi April 11, 2007
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Meaning "cheese left." When you pull a slice of pizza out of the whole pie, it's the little bit of cheese, sauce, and toppings that come off the tip of your pizza slice.
"You swiped my cheft! I was going to eat that."

"The cheft is the best part of the pizza...all that pepperoni and cheese left in the box."
by Chris Felax April 24, 2007
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A chinese restaurant... horrible food, good alchohol. Known for their tequila and 151 shots, adios mother fuckers, and long island ice teas taken on their green faux marble tables. Employees included Wing, Avon, and Mr. Tommy himself. They served to every single teenager in new york city until- tear - they were shut down by the police because of a freshman (who will remain unnamed) who told his mom about it. RIP chef t's!
we have no where to go. let's go to chef's! damn that Wing is hot. Tommy gives me weird looks... AWESOME.
by rip chef t's February 07, 2005
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