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A person who acts like a chef and thinks they are a chef.

A imitation chef who acts like a child and blows up at his employes for his own mistakes.

A grown man who acts like a baby.

A person who sucks at running a restaurant.
A pothead looser that will get knocked out if he opens his mouth at the wrong time.
The cheffery dosen't know anything about ticket time.

Cheffery got really angry and yelled at her because he messed up the order.

If there were more than one cheffery's at my job, I would kill my self.

I wish our little Cheffery would pay attention to his employes and do his job correctly.

I guess cheffery think's we like him.

To bad cheffery wasen't a abortion, or just a little more retarded so he wouldn't be able to get a job with sharp things.

Will someone change the cheffery's diaper, I thing he pooped his pants? You can tell cheffery pooped his diaper cause he is acting like a little asshole.
by 4getaboudit October 10, 2010
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