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a cheesy "anniversary" that couples celebrate that has no real meaning, sentimental value, or purpose
GIRL: "ZOMG! It's me and my boyfriend Bif's 2 1/2 week cheesiversary today, and we are going to dinner to celebrate!"

ME: "Why are you celebrating dating for 2 1/2 weeks? What are you celebrating? Not killing each other for 17 days? That is so random and no one cares."

GIRL: "*GASP!* WE care! This is so important to us!...You're just jealous because you are single and don't have cheesiversaries with anyone."

ME: "Yep. That's it. That's definately it. I'm jealous. You got me."

GIRL: "Yes, I know! But don't be sad. You will find someone soon and you can have your OWN cheesiversaries!!! YAYZ!"

ME: *Shoots GIRL in the gall bladder*
by Clementine J. June 07, 2009
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