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1) A cheerleader who happens to be a total slut, sleeps around, and it is well known by the average population

2) A raging bitch
Did you hear what Britney did with the football team last weekend? She is definitely a cheerihoe.
by Man child May 22, 2006
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Noun: A person who has been eating Cheerios (or another cereal) For a long period of time, and then randomly switches to a totally different, not as good cereal. Like, from Lucky Charms to Raisin Bran. *GAG*
Hannah Montanna had been eating Cheerio's for a week straight, when she randomly switched to Cornflakes. Her brother, who has witnessed her switch of cereal, then screams CHEERIHOE!!! And walks away.
by The.Fox July 31, 2009
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