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Cheda is a word used for people who have a beast-like addiction for male genitals.

When engaged in male gay sex (see 'gay sex' for more information'), these people go to such as extremes as to bite off their mate's testicles and/or penis.

When deprived of their favourite thing, chedas are known to do either the aforementioned or sulk into a corner until the day they die.

Scientists never found out what causes this obsession, and there is no cure yet.
John: Hey Jenny, I'm going out with Joe today... You know Joe, right? From the club?

Jenny: JOE? Are you crazy? Didn't you hear that he's a Cheda?

John: Holy shit, you're kidding me, right? ... Damn, I really thought he was cute, but I don't need creepy shit like that in my life. Thanks for telling me.
by Mati March 10, 2005
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