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A unique individual that prides himself upon retaining even the most miniscule amount of currency during financial exchange. Recognized as the most adept bargain-hunter in existence, the 'cheap prick' is also known to be a true connoisseur in the field of makeshift innovation. Cautionary procedures should be taken when the said 'cheap prick' is in the process of exchanging currency or trading away objects of self-worth (such as beer and boges), especially in times of paying for cover charges at bars/clubs/etc. An unspoken but understood respect exists between all cheap pricks, and its common for cheap pricks to enjoy calling one another a cheap prick, making it especially easy to spot a pack of cheap pricks.

The Northeast region of the US, more specifically in the southern New England region, is known to be the most densely populated area of cheap prick residents. It is unknown why there is such a larger congregation here. There have also been certain reports that a few individuals from Rhode Island aspire and fully plan to relocate to Costa Rica, the Philippines, or Thailand for their amazingly cheap prices on beer.
kids a fucken cheap prick eh? must be from jersey

u gonna pay ya tab ya cheap prick?

That kid just snuck in i think. fuckin cheap prick its only a $5 cover
by Captain_Rideshard March 25, 2012
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GM: We should retain the services of the best dman in the NHL, even if it might be expensive.

Owner: No, I don't want to pay for his salary. Blow up the team and trade him away. Push season ticket packages while your at it.

GM: You fucking cheap prick.
by bahbababhaba September 14, 2018
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to be a dickface, someone who has no life and fucken cares about themselves
wow what a douchebag fucken cheap prick, he is

or he is a fucken cheap prick
by Francsico April 26, 2006
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