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Choose no life.
Choose no job.
Choose a career in benefit fraud.
Choose a scally, dirty family,
Choose a fucking big rear spoiler.
Choose bricks, petroleum,
windows, and paki off-licences.
Choose fuckin anythin ya can lobb.
Choose a 1990s Nova, shaggin yer mates mum and veneral disease.
Choose to sell yer own bricks to the baliffs to pay for yer £30,000 car mod and Argos bling debts.
Choose a 18-30s package holiday to Benidorm.
Choose to get yer girlfriend up the duff.
Choose a set of 20inch alloy wheels to put on ur pile of shit of a car, which makes u luk like a sad fuckin cunt.
Choose a bird, hu turns out to be a fat hairy bastard on a Sunday morning.
Choose pissin on yer old school which u left at age 10 to go to a retard quarantine, wearin yer bling and stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth that yer mate skanked from the Burger King bins.
Choose rotting away at the end of it all,
pishing you last in a miserable council home,
Nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish,
fucked-up brats
You have spawned with yer 12yr old girlfriend to replace yourself.
Choose Trisha. Choose no life.

Choose a Chav.
by chavvabasha January 24, 2005
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