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Chavs are the stupid twats of the real world

Chav-geeks (NOT real geeks) are the stupid twats of the cyber world.

Both groups think their better than anyone who isn't the same as them. Both groups are made up of mindless clones who only ever speak, type their own language then run out of brainpower after two sentences and just hit someone (chav) or copy some code their cybe mate told them to give someone a virus (chav-geek).

Like I say chav-geeks aren't real real geeks coz real geeks actually know stuff.
=-k049: fdsj004 f-or w-e0r -4 f0- efkfdkosr@@fdj0e m8?

Fred: I'm sorry?

=-k049: Ha ha popr=9959 0fkjk--0993 a n00b!!!!
by Progratron August 15, 2005
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