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When you get so excited or nervous, that you start hitting enter lots of times mid-sentence as if you're gasping for air.

Can become extremely annoying if done through email or if you have an alert sound because they'll be stuffing your message feed or inbox.
Spaz: oh fuck
Spaz: I think
Spaz: that chinese food
Spaz: is giving me
Spaz: the squirts
Spaz: gotta find
Spaz: a bathroom fuuck
Friend: Hah, sucks to your chat assmar

Friend: Holy shit, you've got my phone blowing up I got like 20 alerts from you what do you want?
Spaz: Excuse the
Spaz: chat asthma but,
Spaz: you gotta
Spaz: check this shit
Spaz: OUT mann
by Fonzki November 28, 2013
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