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characterizing an enthusiastic approach by a politician, a company to win over supporters, who were previously not in 'love' with them.
Microsoft went on a charm offensive to win over open source programmers.
by Rabia Fournier March 25, 2008
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A phrase used to describe the interaction between male and female, specifically in the context of courtship, as if the man were bombarding the woman with his charm.

Usually, when someone is on the charm offensive, they tend to exclude or ignore others in order to channel all of their social energy in on one person, who they have designated as their goal.

The term can also describe female behavior towards a man.
1. Ricky: (Looking at Peter, who is standing alone with a woman at a party, probably in a corner) Wow, look at him go...
Ricky's Mate: Yeah, he's on the charm offensive for sure

2. Peter: (To Ricky) Sorry i didn't really catch you last night, i was on the charm offensive

Ricky: Yeah i could tell...I doubt you got lucky though- misdirected energy really..
by RickyRankin' May 05, 2010
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