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The most attractive feature of a person.
Japanese pseudo-English (engrish) term imported back into English by anime fans etc.
"What's your charm point?" - Question on a beauty contest entry form.

"Toshiko taught Hotori to use clumsiness as a charm point, with disastrous results" - discussion about a manga story
by herophant April 11, 2012
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from the animated masterpiece;
Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoiyo!! Masarusan

Masaru, possibly the greatest sexy commando to ever grace the earth, wears two shining circular disks upon his shoulders. these disks are lovingly referred to as his 'charm points'.

When worn, Masaru's hair mysteriously becomes several inches longer, this makes the items highly valuable in the eyes of certain devious hair growth researchers. These researchers have attempted to take the charm points by force in the past, but were no match for Masaru.
Other strange features include bizzare smoke/steam that the charm points produce when in the rain, strange technological disturbances ((such as cash registers spelling out strange messages rather than computing the amount of money to be exchanged)) and the fact that they weigh a fricking TON!. (Masaru lifts them with ease, which proves to be misleading to the other characters)

Masaru found his beloved charm points in the mountains, therefore he wisely deducted that they came from the earth. Emediately after aquiring the charm points Masaru was confronted by several rude, naked, glowing children with huge black eyes, who demanded Masaru should give them his beloved accessories. Not one to tolerate rudeness, Masaru promply beat them up and went on his merry way.
"what are those things?!?"

"these.. are my CHARM POINTS!"
by sakket pico September 08, 2006
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