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The high-class British version of chuck it in her. To have sex with a woman.
Rutherford: "What a lovely morning is, Cardwell."
Cardwell: "Ah yes, Rutherford, it is quite a day for a brisk stroll around the estate, is it not?"
Rutherford: "Certainly. I cannot wait to retire to the manor where my handmaiden has prepared freshly baked scones and the finest tea of China."
Cardwell: "She is quite the lovely young lady, I must say."
Rutherford: "Oh, so you take a liking to my handmaiden, do you? Well your handmaiden is quite elegant as well. I do believe I will invite her over for tea tomorrow afternoon."
Cardwell: "Really? Well I do believe I will have your handmaiden over to my estate that very same day. I will have my chef prepare us a nice lobster dinner and after we are finished, I do believe I will charles it in her."
Rutherford: "Ah, my dear Cardwell, if only you knew that I charlesed it in your own Lady Cardwell just last week. Indabutt."
by Nick D October 19, 2005
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