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To behave in a manner which will create cause chaos; this may be simply intentional in a sadistic harsh-prank manner or apparently without unconscious intent as in the "hysterical 'what? I did that?'" style or as may be seen in indivuduals suffering from Tourette's disorder who may make offensive or disruptive comments without intent or awareness. Most commonly seen in florid form in individuals whose behavior and other characteristics meet criteria for a formal diagnosis of Personalty Disorder, Borderline Type per the

American Psychiatric Association's "DSM" diagnostic manual.
Ed came into the doctor's office frequently, complaining loudly iin the waiting room of pain but when seen by the doctor complaining of cold symptoms and then, after leaving, complaining to others how insensitive the doctor had been concerning his pain; or a patient who adamantly demands treatment for complaints which are presented in a high-intensity, low-specificity, negative-tone manner while complaining loudly that all alternatives offered are at best stupid and at worst destructive. Such individuals are adept at "splitting" i.e. setting various individuals in the healing professions into conflict. When one sees a letter starting with "I have been a .... for .... years and I have never seen such mismanagement...." or when one attends a staffing of routine sort to find all possible staff from multiple agencies present, creating a "Cecile B. DeMille" situation with angry glares exchanged, one is dealing with a chaosogenic individual who is skilled at "splitting" and setting different caretakers into conflict if not warfare. The behavior appears to be deeply driven and essential to the comfort and feeling of well-being of the iindividual involved who does not appear to be driven by hostile motives.
by picsbyalf February 21, 2010
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