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city in northeast china, with all sorts of awesome places to eat, until about 10pm, when everything but the "Mayflower" a local foreigner bar, and the 24 hr McDonalds, closes. Despite being off the beaten path, unless you're headed to Vladovostok or North Korean, it houses an Audi and a Volkwagen factory as well as a fair share of foreigners. The flashy nights usually mean KTV (which is Karayoke), bar, disco, or "massage parlor."
Foreigner 1 "Which city are you in?"
Foreigner 2 "Changchun"
Foreigner 1 "Chingchong!?"
Foreigner 2 "Nevermind."

Southern Chinese person "You were in Changchun? isn't it cold there."
Other Chinese Person "At least its not Siberia!"
American listening in to the conversation "yea f*ck that noise."
by jerkfacekevin February 04, 2008
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