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challop (chah-lup) (n.) - a word used to describe absolutely incessant, ridiculous, retarded, or downright ludicrous talk. when one practices challop, one is out of one's mind and is prattling to a dangerous degree.

below are examples of both using "challop" in a sentence, as well as actual challop.
"doot-doot-doot and a dootily tradootily perflootily noot! and a dootily doot!"

"oh man dude, i can't believe the challop that just came out of that kid's mouth! he is freakin insane!"

by roxbury June 21, 2006
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Abbreviation for challenging opinion. A challop is usually advanced by someone seeking to seem edgy, while still wanting approval. See amirite?
"I just don't think Bob Dylan is a good singer."
"Nice challop, there, man."
by joshsteich February 03, 2009
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