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from ireland.means to agree with something.its so true that you should chalk it down.
Paddy:Look at him,he's an awful tool.
Joe:Chalk it down
by shox October 14, 2004
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Means 'to make a record of something' or 'to have completed something noteworthy'. Usually shortened to 'chalk it'.
"I just got that girl's number. Chalk it."
by E/O/W August 10, 2005
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"Chalk It Down" is generally used by stoners in Ireland, it can mean various things, too many to even list but people use it as a substitute for "chill" or "ok" or "in your face"
Example 1:
Girlfriend: Are you messing around with Lisa???!!!
Boyfriend: Whoah Chalk it down! (chill)

Example 2:
Boy1:You coming to the party tonight?
Boy2:Ya, i'll be there @ 9, chalk it down! (ok)

Example 3:
Boy:I fucked your 'ol doll last night, ha chalk it down! (in your face)
by JaL December 30, 2004
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