an english bird that sings wonderful me~
person 1: did u see that chaffinch?
person 2: was great, i mean it voice n all
person:1 totally...
by QTjacqeline May 2, 2005
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1. To be considered largely irrelevant in a given situation

2. Describing Emelio Estevez in Mighty Ducks D1 and D2 but not D3.
1. Dude, you were totally chaffinch the other night at that party.

2. Waow, wasn't Emelio Estevez chaffinch as Gordon Bombay?
by BombayBadBoy July 27, 2012
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to wash your scrotum in sink
i have just enough time for a quick chaffinch bath before the wife arrives
by few2020 February 18, 2020
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