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cf is a group of guys who think there 'fine' they roll around in black north faces thinking they're cool. They are quite and appear shy but are know wide and far within south london.

cf syndrome is when you (a girl) really like one of them and you are honored to have a glimpse into their mysterious world. You get with him a few times, but due to shit communication (on their side) it just can't work.

but you spend the whole week thinking about him and waiting for the weekend just so you can see him.

If your lucky enough to see him; nothing may happen, or something may BUT you won't hear from him for the rest of the week. The cycle goes on sometimes for upto two years.

why bother i hear you say because cf just have that hold over people and its so hard because cf play the deepest mind games without realizing it. cf syndrome sucks.
cf: friday night he texts girl: 'hey what you doing 2night?'
girl: not sure probs just going out round... what you doing?
cf: no reply

girl waits hours for text but nothing

girl texts friend: babes i have such bad cf syndrome wtf should i do?
by cfsufferer March 21, 2010
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