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Directed at but not limited to any college freshman who learns something new in a class and becomes a know it all snob, advocating their knew found beliefs to everyone, rubbing it in peoples faces that they are presumably "smarter" than everyone because they learned something new. Most of the time they don't fully understand what the new information is, but they will still pass it on as their worldview.

Other varieties include: anyone who learns something new, via word of mouth, txt message, internet, 5 o'clock news, ect. and automatically that is the #1 answer in their mind, and they have an uncontrollable need to tell everyone to blindly see it their way, strictly based off of their new found knowledge.
Example 1:

Billy:" i dont believe in God"


Billy:"Because it falls under the category of creationism, and as modern science can tell us, the universe was created from a big bang, and darwinism will further prove that we were evolved from monkeys...BLA BLA BLA BLA...and that they share close to our DNA...BLA BLA BLA"

John:"wow...so did your professor spoon feed you that?"

Billy:"no.... .....yes"

John:"ugh...college freshman syndrome (CFS)"

Example 2:

Margret:"we should get the tea with Echinacea, its supposed to be good for your cold"

Ana: "Actually! i heard its not all that great for you anyway, it can actually cause cancer, thats why i never drink anything with that in it."

Margret: "is this a legitimate truth or is this just CFS?"

Ana:"okay okay, i did hear it on the Tv, i don't remember where though"
by chicken hawk 104 December 30, 2011
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