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cermet is an type of an dog that needs lots and lots of attention so it can an grow. the most famous cermet out of all the cermets is cermet he lives with an JennaMarbles
watair your cermet
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by safegrenade July 09, 2017
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Best doggo. Needs lot of feed and lost of watair and even MOAR CHICKAIN. Always wants anttention and is prone to crying. Make sure to let yur squaremet make frens with other doggo named Paesh and Marpel.
Cermet: Hello am Cermet am need chickain and love from humAN jenna
The entire internet: Fuck yes
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An cermet is an nervous dog. Comes from swamp and runs mostly on chimkian. Cermets need lots of waterr so they can groaw. Cermets need to play with other cermets so they don’t poo and pee in the house.
Literally nobody:
Cermet: *cries in cermet*

Jenna: kermi can I get u?
An cermet: *rrraww* human jenna not feeding enough chimkian. Need to bite her in hand. Need to poo in house so she doesn’t mess with angry cremet!
by Quackson March 24, 2019
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