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CeNiyah is a very a beautiful girl. She can dance very well. She loves her family a lot and has a best friend that's name starts with an "A". If you want to hear something funny she's the person to turn to. She is very pretty and she doesn't notice but every boy wants her.
Dang, is that CeNiyah she's a good dancer and she hot!
by Lola Lyn August 17, 2017
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Ceniyah is an annoying girl..but knows how to dance...she thinks she's funny but most people just fake laugh at her jokes she does to much but is very pretty boys want her and she lets all of them fuck around with her most of her friends don't like her because she doesn't know when to stop.
Ceniyah: ehhhh that was so funny
Other person:Heh yeah...(fake laughs)
Ceniyah: (she does something that's not funny but think it's funny) Hehe im so silly.

Other person:hahhh yeah sure
by Juuuuna January 20, 2018
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