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A dangerous, yet increasingly common condition in which a person constantly hears (or feels) their cellphone going off. But, alas, it is just their deluded imagination at work.

Researchers have concluded that the most reliable cure for cellphonia is to completely cut-off all contact with cellular devices. At present time, rehabilitation centers are being constructed to help patients move quickly and effectively through their treatment.
Jesse: So are we hitting the skate park now or what?

Brandon: Yeah sure...oh wait a sec... my cell is ringing *(pulls out phone) Oh wait, never mind, I mistakenly thought it was....

Jesse: Dude! That's like the eighth time in the last fifteen minutes you've made that mistake! I think you've got yourself a serious case of Cellphonia!

Brandon: Shizeh!
by MimiPanamy January 20, 2009
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