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an awesome girl that loves men and jack skeleton. She likes to call her friend Sabs a turd. Someone who's always in a good mood and and makes everyone around her laugh. She's the silent Bob to my Jay. Someone who like to watch pirated videos on the computer and mushroom beds. she likes to say "i have a dick the makes bitches famous, wanna ride?"

Donny: *making a dieing dog noise*
Sabbath: "IS THAT A REAL DOG?!?!?!?"

Cella: "IS IT OK?!!?!?!"

Stupid Billy: "Lets go to the park guys"

Cella: "Dude, Billy I'm on the mushroom bed, please leave me alone, your really gay. FUCK MY LIFFFEEEEEEE"
Sabbath: "oh that's a Cella move"
by sabs/sabbath January 04, 2010
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