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a person who hangs out only with celebrities to get profits from the acquaintance;
Jim won't come with us, he doesn't hang out with people like you and me. He won't even look at you unless you were on the cover of a fashion magazine or something. He's a total jerk and a celebro.
by KurtSteinerPL January 08, 2012
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In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional universe of Middle-earth, the river Celebros was a river of Beleriand, a tributary to Taeglin that flowed past Brethil forest.

The Celebros descended southwards from the highlands of Brethil into the Ravines of Teiglin through a series of waterfalls that filled the air with fine spray (the name Celebros means 'silver spray'). A wooden bridge crossed the Celebros at a place called - because of the waterfalls' spray - Dimrost, or the Rainy Stair.
...and the road went steeply upward towards Amon Obel until it came to a place where it must cross the tumbling stream of Celebros.
by Sharon E July 27, 2005
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