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This is a word coined by Reverend Marilyn Manson (formerly Brian Warner). As humanitarian describes a devotion to human welfare, "celebritarian" describes a devotion to the needs of a celebrity or idol.
"They orchestrated dramatic new scenes, for celebritarian needs" - "The Fall of Adam" (Track 17), "Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)", 2000.
by Adam Laughlin May 28, 2005
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Media people who emerge during international disasters asking for donations, playing the lead rôle in Guilting for Dollars.
George Clooney is a good person who makes decent movies. But one more celebritarian move & I'm taking all his titles off my NetFlix queue.
by juke of url January 19, 2010
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Someone who has achieved celebrity status within the Libertarian party but isn’t always a celebrity in the eyes of the general public.
Adam Kokesh is such a celebritarian. He seriously thinks he’s going to sell 100 Eventbrite tickets at his upcoming political side event. Adam VS The Man is a great show but it ain’t X-Files or Cops. Adam has a long way to go before his pie in the sky goals will ever be achieved. Keep believing in yourself Adam, you’ll get there one day kiddo!
by IcyHot August 24, 2019
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