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Look up the movie scene in 'About Mary'; "is that hair gel?". Why does he keep looking at the ceiling?

Ever since I heard this in a Rolling Stones song, I thought it was some kind of derogatory term for sex or masturbation, or, the 'end result' if you will. How it gets on the ceiling, well, I'll let the imagination figure that out. Shortly after my 40th birthday I looked it up and found out it's SEALING wax not ceiling wax lol/duh. Sick mind, I know but that's ok.
"And your father's still perfecting ways of making sealing wax.…"

"It had been a while since we did it, and she was wearing that little teddy I got her. Talk about ceiling wax! It was all over the place! Ya, but were going shopping for new drapery later"

"is that... hair gel?" (No! It's ceiling wax MARY! DON'T DO IT!)
by Stank Mastah April 04, 2018
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