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a person, typically a guy, who is super hot. They're sweet, athletic, rich, and flirty. Really flirty. Be careful when liking a Caze because they tend to kiss and diss. They can be misleading and players/hoes. But believe in them and they can change. They usually make amazing friends and will help to significantly boost your confidence. Keep them in the friend zone until you're for sure about their motives though. Don't get played by them. And certainly don't let them be your firstkiss. If you do, be sure to get rid of your feelings for them and make them jealous a little bit. Don't dwell on your past with them and don't be hurt by their disloyalty. You deserve better. However, given the chance to change, they might. Keep an open mind but don't get drawn in by their sweet talk. They tend to regret their impulsive decisions. They're probably the youngest child with a bunch of free time, money, and testosterone to spread around.
"I just got played by a Caze." "Oh my gosh that man is such a Caze."
by ceciele w wolf May 13, 2018
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1) To wear your younger son's t-shirts
2) to be outwardly gay and not realize it
1) check him out he is wearing a Cazes again

2) He is such a Cazes, doesn't even realize he is gay
by thetruthteller68+1 November 21, 2013
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