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did you hear about the person caveira, she was chasing someone with a knife. what a crazy bitch
by pandalord406 April 22, 2017
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A taliban warrior that pissadeers and pops back up like bomb threats at a high school. Uses a rpg that looks like a pistol and takes massive shits on casual players.
Noah: there’s a caveira around that corner
Me: I guess we’re fucking kamikaze pilots now
by Ruly January 10, 2019
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Player 1: oh shit a scary ass (caveira) bitch is interrogating me
Player 2: uhm *leaves casual game*
Player 3: well there goes thermite
Ash main: don’t worry people I got this no hit box no problem am I right
Player 4: her hitbox got fixed
Ash main: *dies from headshot by spawn peeking jager*
by Dragon_gamer418YT December 08, 2018
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