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people with this name tend to be the best in the world. Nice, caring, understanding , and good looking too. Really don't bother people or instigate anything, but don't mess with them too much because they will smack the snot out of you and laugh about it later. Usually packing 7.5 inche or more and knows how to use it.
Damn Johnny he gave you a Caudell.

I hope Caudell asks me out he is the pefect guy.

When we got in the room I saw his Caudell and almost died.
by Damonster February 05, 2010
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Name for a person, typically male that gets roosted on and doesnt rip at anything at all, fat and retarded as well.
Dude did you see Caudell operating on that stergeon????????
by Stergeon Surgeon August 29, 2008
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