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Cassarina's tend to have brown eyes. Very funny sometimes. Loves to have a good time. But is a trouble maker. Cassarina's are friends with one person one day, then the next day hates them, then likes them again and switches up quite a lot. Isn't trustworthy. But will stand up for a friend. Hangs with the wrong crowds. Tries to fit in and buy all the "cool" clothes. Most people don't like her. She has an annoying but friendly personality. Athletic. Gets very nasty when in fights and stabs you in the back. But tries to fix things. She is very persistent and never gives up. She is quite pretty but knows it. Gets mad pretty fast.
Girl 1: Oh my, Cassarina is so annoying.
Girl 2: I know right, she kept talking bad about all these people and now I see that she is hanging out with them.
Girl 1: She does that all the time! One minute she hates someone and another minute she loves them, she isn't trustworthy.

Guy 1: Cassarina is pretty hot.
Guy 2: Yeah, I guess so.
Guy 1: Not the hottest but she is hot.
by Fishingiscool123 February 10, 2018
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