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This term was firstly coined by erratic in a topic about a member being banned from porn-bb posted in WJuntion due leeching screens from other topics and having his links uploaded to money hosts.

Now the term is widely used to describe people that use "warez" was a way of stable income. The cash is collected by posting the links uploaded to money hosts in hundreds of warez boards in a way it is known as "spamming".

This method is used mostly by people in 3rd world contries such as but not limited to Vietnam, India and Pakistan.
John: Hey bro. Need some help
George: Yes?
John: Lots of people are posting topics in my board without reading the rules. Even after I PM and warn them.
George: Its probably an automated tool posting that crap.
John: hmm...
George: ah I know. cashwhores. post warez, get loads of money...
by NewEraCracker April 08, 2011
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