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1. an inspiration used to make money/cash. 2. ideas deposited in the brain by entrepreneurs, as cash producers. 3. progeny, esp. when numerous (offspring of entrepreneurial ideas collectively). --v.i., v.t. 3. to deposit or produce spawn cash, money, income, etc. in large numbers naturally, as in the Laws of Creation 4. to bring forth cash; produce an income.

plural - /cashspawn/ - The cashspawn of so-called gurus are not always for you, the best ones are those that come from within.(inspiration)
I was inspired to build a poker table a couple years ago, and that singular cashspawn was responsible for my inevitable success in the Poker World!

-Cashspawn Poker

A cashspawn is the ultimate idea in the mind of businessmen while choosing a delicacy off the menu is a like minded idea worth looking into.

Plural examples-

The most successful cashspawn for Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company was the V-8 engine and his desire to cover the world in horseless carriages. It led to a multitude of cashspawn for years to come within the automobile industry.
by SinURgist February 28, 2010
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