to leave an unproductive relationship with a lover
to abandon someone who doesnt give you her/his love back in return
to finish a relationship with someone
to finish with something, to leave it, to stop trying for something
When in love with someone and the person doesnt love you back and doesnt want you. In the song "There is your trouble" by Dixie Chicks the lyrics appear: "Why Don't You Cash In Your Chips Why Don't You Call It A Loss...Not Such A Big Loss, Chalk It Up to better luck.." - they sing about a boy who is frustrated from his relationship with a girl who doesnt love him...
When people are finishing with playing in a casino, they cash their chips, so a casino cashier gives them back their money, their money they won,or gives them at least the rest....
by vicko1977 June 2, 2010
to die,kick the bucket,perish,depart this life
In that terrible accident you might cash in your chips right before your wedding ceremony.
by Mehrdad.Hosseiny January 24, 2009
to withdraw from any enterprise or venture that appears to be on a downturn, while you yourself still can keep any personal gains.
-from the poker (or similiar betting game involving playing cards) term, where one takes their remaining chips, representing the amount of money they have left, and trades them in for their value in cash.
"at the rate your shares in the company are going, as your financial advisor, I would seriously suggest you consider cashing in your chips. Sell them off while they are still worth something!"
by Bungalow Bill October 13, 2005