The act of taking the shopping cart all the way home from the grocery store.
Mike: "Hey Brook, what's with all the shopping carts laying around your neighborhood?"

Brook: "I guess there must be a rash of cartjackings going on."
by Mike's September 26, 2005
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Meaning you're on your computer it's 10:59 AM (Est) you keep refreshing your Supreme page. Then boom 11AM hits, you see that hyped item, in 000.9 seconds you add it to your cart. Then you autofill your checkout, cc information. And click on process payment. It loads and loads, while your heart is pounding out of your chest. Waiting to get that "Your order has been successfully submitted", but then boom. You get a message saying "some of the items in your cart are sold out, please remove them from your cart". You've been Cartjacked. Probably by some Asian hype beast with stupidly fast internet, or a bot.
Hypebeast 1: Bro i had the bogo in my cart, then boom! I was cartjacked!!
Hypebeast 2: don't worry Bruh I got a bogo for sale $800 obo.
by AverageHypebeast December 7, 2016
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When in an online store, adding an item to your cart doesn't save it and another user can checkout before you, making the item in your cart out of stock
E.g. Damn just got cartjacked

Never mind I'll just be salty on twitter
by Cartjacked February 6, 2017
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