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A carpet flyer is a person who is generally of middle-eastern origin. It is a derrogatory term, used mostly by people in the south, or people with good senses of humour.

Made famous by Larry the Cable Guy in the movie Delta Farce when he is sent to Iraq or "The land of the carpet flyers"
"That carpet flyer caught me trying to steal from his convenience store!"
by Kylav January 16, 2008
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A big, fat, arab with massive amounts of facial hair, including eyebrows. Never a big hit with the ladies, but never gives up. on them. Not to be mistaken with a carpet muncher.
Player 1: OMG! Did you just see that carpet flyer?
Player 2: Their eyebrows were like evergreen trees!
player 1: lawlz
player 2: *sings songs from aladdin*
player 1: Well whatever, they were still fat and arab.
by Muhammed Hussein October 01, 2007
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