1. A person who claims to be vegan, but with the exception of eating meat. Differentiates by use of the term vegan, as opposed to vegetarian in that the carnivegan does not consume eggs, dairy, or use animal (by)products such as leather, honey, etc. Also see, idiot.
"I'm carnivegan, because I totally can't live without a rare steak!"
by Peter Mahoney May 20, 2006
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a check in nature that balances out all of the vegans who refuse to eat any meat, dairy, fish or other things with faces.

A carnivegan's diet consists souly of the most tortured and abused animals that the often self described "meatitarian" can consume
Hannibal Lector, Brock Lesner, Gandhi and Ronald McDonald are well ronound practicers of the carnivegan lifestyle
by Meatitarian May 11, 2010
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