2 definitions by Peter Mahoney

The action occurring when one or more individuals chooses to consume any amount of alcohol, or psychotropic aids.

Often resulting in the 'blastification to outer spash', as it has been referenced at times.
Mabel and Ed consumed a 40 of moonshine, and are clearly blastified, as Mabel is jerking off that old Greek man.
by Peter Mahoney December 31, 2004
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1. A person who claims to be vegan, but with the exception of eating meat. Differentiates by use of the term vegan, as opposed to vegetarian in that the carnivegan does not consume eggs, dairy, or use animal (by)products such as leather, honey, etc. Also see, idiot.
"I'm carnivegan, because I totally can't live without a rare steak!"
by Peter Mahoney May 20, 2006
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