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An illness of the caregiver; especially r/t to those who give too much. This illness is directly correlated with a markedly low practice of self care. One who suffers from caregiveritis predominantly gives care that is less than ideal because they've forgotten one of the key elements in sustainable care giving: self care. The practice of self care is shown to decrease incidence of caregiveritis exponentially. To understand caregiveritis one must know the saying: "one can not refill others' cups if their own cup runeth on empty!"

Caregiveritis aka caregiver syndrome. This illness includes s/s of caregiver fatigue, burnout, compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, etc.
Pablo did not realize he had caregiveritis. Pablo thought self care was selfish, therefore he did not make himself a priority. Because Pablo had such a deficiency of self care, the care he gave to others was not the best of his ability. Pablo must regularly practice self care in order to cure his caregiveritis.
by R.N. (radical nurse) October 22, 2016
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