The term capped was invented in a town called luton. The reason being that is the main entertainment as well as cause of death.
Nobby: (in hospital bed)I am from Luton, I love being shot lucky us we have an NHS which I dont even pay tax. BeEeEeEeP

Doctor: Time of death..... I dunno I not rocket scientist init

Spectators: Looks like a cappin' to me

Non Lutonian: No shit sherlock

Gunner: Someone else gonna get capped
by Shoot me baby September 24, 2005
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To be shot in the kneecap, becoming a cripple for life.
Mothafuckas need to stay out of this hood, or that Johnson kid will be a capped example for those bitches
by MugenR January 20, 2008
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No-cap is a verb meaning - To not be lying or deceiving.

using this term incorrectly is punishable by death in many countries, especially America.

This word is related to, Deadass.

Cap is a verb meaning - To lie and deceive.
tenses of the word:
Capping - Is in the process of capping (Present tense)
Capped - Has capped (Past tense)
Capper - Shall cap (Future tense)
lying scum "Bro she got a fat ass"
Friend "No cap?"
Lying scum "No cap bro!"
Friend " That is a dude"
Lying scum "Got you to look"
Court "You are to be killed due to the breaking of the No Cap/Cap law!"
by ConfinedDev February 26, 2020
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When someone is lying/talking bs.
Blue: I couldn't have killed him i was in electrical doing tasks.
Red: Ay "that's cap" i was in electrical with white.
by Scooberoo October 4, 2020
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No cap basically mean that their not lying or capping like they did something.
Sometimes ppl write it like this🙅🏽 ♀️🧢or 🚫🧢 different ways
That food was good no cap
I hit that bit no cap
by Leelee😈 May 23, 2018
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