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pimps that are bigger than Sam Curtis will ever be. They get way more girls and pussy then he ever will.
Chris is the pimpist canyon critter there is.
by canyon gangsta November 29, 2004
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A term for the hippie folk of the unincorporated community of Canyon, CA. Critters are known for their love of growing weed, driving around in huge trucks, shooting out signs along the road, and drinking and driving late in the night. Critters are distrustful of outsiders, and have been known to harass or even attack outsiders, aka people from Moraga, Oakland, or Hayward. Canyon Critters are mostly harmless, however, and enjoy smoking copious amounts of homegrown marijuana with their eleven dogs.
"Last night some faggot in a truck tried to make me and my friends pick up trash when we were smoking in Canyon" -person one
"Goddamn Canyon Critters" -Person two
by benisinbagina June 29, 2013
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