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A creole language/accent composed of Cantonese Chinese sentence structures

mixed with English phrases and expressions combined in the sentence to highlight meaning.
(occasionally used to indicate the "you know what I mean" or other exclamations).

Can be heard in many areas with westernized Chinese communities: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangdong, Singapore-Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar/Burma, Philippines, London-England, Australia, in the U.S. a person may hear it in New York City, San Francsco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Seattle, and other areas with large Chinese American communities. Same applies to Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, and other Canadian regions with Chinese Canadian comunities.
Ex: A $5000 vase is broken scenario: Oh my goodness!!! (Continued response and nagging in Chinese.)
- Sentence thus becomes cantoglish

Ex 2:

Friend #1 Indicates to friend #2 someone is mugging at them, talking in cantonese, while sitting with his friend.
Friend #2 says: So What. (Then responds by downplaying the scenario in Cantonese and ends with an
English expression i.e. "See you tomorrow/Done?/End of discussion" and other phrases).
- This scenario, friend #2 spoke cantoglish.
by World everchanging October 16, 2013
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