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can·nai·lib·ri·um (n)

1. the sense of improving well-being from the consumption of cannabis;

2. when the psychotropic threshold is managed balancing spirit, mind, and body to enhance creativity and optimal performance;

3. the cannabis mediated homeostasis of the human endocannabinoid system;

4. the effect of natural daily consumption of cannabis as nutrition;

5. when cannabis and hemp flows freely for each individual as part of a sustainable world

Derived from e·qui·lib·ri·um
1) When your body receives the nutritional value of cannabis, increasing your sense of well-being, you are not "high" you are in "cannalibrium".
2) When cannabis flows freely in society for the health and well being of all, society is in cannalibrium.
3) When each person can sustain their own livelihood by crafting with cannabis, they are in cannalibrium.
4) When the world is sustained by cannabis taking it's rightful place as intended by the creator, the world will be in cannalibrium.
5) When Thomas Jefferson wrote on hemp paper, "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", he was in cannalibrium.
by plant geek August 21, 2013
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