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A state of being so stoned you unintentionally produce an erection. Whether or not this leads to arousal is unknown, but the man who produces the cannaboner is never ashamed of it.

For female equivalent, see cannaqueef)
John: ...
Bill: Wow, John sure it fucked up.
John: ...
Lynn: Yeah, cut him off. Wait, what's that bulge in his pants?
John: ...
Bill: Ha ha, he's got a cannaboner!
Lynn: I'm done too; I don't want to cannaqueef.
by Onlooker1957 January 13, 2010
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(n)- 1: the feeling one gets when something related to marijuana is so awesome, so epic, that no other word can describe the ecstasy.

2: anything cannabis related that causes excitement
Person A- Did you see Daniels new 18 inch ROOR??
Person B- Yeah, it gave me a cannaboner bigger than the ROOR.
by kzle6146 October 24, 2011
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