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Based on a man's age, this scale classifies men (who prey on younger women for their sexual appetite) as canines.

The scale is as follows:

Age 0-12: Pup
Age 13-17: Weasel
Age 18-21: Dingo
Age 22-29: Jackal
Age 30-39: Coyote
Age 40-49: Husky
Age 50-59: Silver Fox
Age 60-68: Wolf
Age 69: Pooch / Bush Dog
Age 70-79: Arctic Wolf
Age 80-89: Hyena
Age 90-99: Badger
Age 100+: Old Dog
Zac Efron is a Jackal on the Canine Scale, but Charlie Hunnam, Gerard Butler, George Clooney, and Bruce Willis are classified as Coyote, Husky, Silver Fox, and Wolf, respectively.
by danthecolombian December 07, 2016
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Based on a man's age, this is a scale to classify men who prey on younger women to please their sexual appetite.

0-10: pup (too young)
11-15: mutt (laying around not knowing what to do)
16-21: dingo (just plain stupid)
22-26: fox (they think they're slick and sly)
27-32: jackal (jack ass)
33-40: coyote (almost ready to be serious)
41-50: wolf (salt and pepper but still sexy)
51+: silver fox (self explanatory)
Hugh Hefner is a silver fox on the canine scale, while George Clooney is right behind him as a wolf.
by RoxyStylist321 November 25, 2016
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