Someone who is a prison bitch. Their ass is a source of pleasure for the other inmates.
by Johnway November 07, 2003
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Someone who does nothing but play Candy Crush Saga all day.
If I get another invite from that candy ass Jason again, I will personally go to his house and stab him with a pixie stick!
by Tujiro October 16, 2013
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some one that doesnt take any risk in life.
hey jake stop being a candy ass and lets go out tonight.
by j diddle April 08, 2011
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Orgy's candyass rules. It has the song 'stitches' on it.
by Phil January 23, 2005
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A spineless, indecisive sissy courted by democrats with the promise of entitlements and hate crime legislation. The group of candy asses includes prancing poofters, mama's boys, pantywaists, mush wimps, guys who drive chick cars, and residents of Berkeley, California.
That William sure is a Candy Ass. He is so spineless, he wants the government to wipe his nose and be responsible for his failures.
by Tuna Wanda May 28, 2005
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1.a gay guy who gets fucked in the ass alot because other gay guys like fucking his ass, can be because.
a)he is an easy lay.
b)he always just there wanting u to fuck him in his ass.
c)he has a tight ass hole and it feels sooo good to slide your dick in and out of his tight, sweet little ass.

2. the ass hole of a gay guy that remains tight no matter how many times he is fucked up his ass whether hard or slow or with a huge or average dick/dildo, whether the fucking is wet or dry. gay guys like to fuck a guy with a candy ass because it feels good, a guy with a candy ass likes to be fucked in his ass because it feels good to have a big dick sliding in and out of your tight, sweet little ass. i should know because i have a candy ass. candy ass guys insist on the use of special gay condoms, no barebacks.
1)yo that guys a candy ass.
2)last nite i got fucked in the ass and because i have a candy ass it feels good to have sex and i can pull every time i go out, but they have to wear gay condoms, no barebacks alowed.
by big bad boy May 23, 2006
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A college Football player (usually a quarterback) who chooses to transfer to a new school when he loses the starting job. Rather than support his team in a backup role, like a real team player, he quits and/or transfers...thinking only of himself.
Kelly Bryant had a chance to win a national title at Clemson, but he acted like a Candy-Ass instead and quit on his team rather than play as a back up quarterback
by BM T-ray September 01, 2019
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