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Taking magic mushrooms with ecstacy - the mushrooms cause the taker to trip out, and the ecstacy makes sure they have a good trip.

Sometimes used to try to sort out someone having a bad trip on mushrooms, if there's no hope of bringing them down quickly - giving them half a pill effectively drenches the brain in seratonin, so whatever happens on the trip they're fairly cheerful about it (and because they're so happy, the trip generally turns into a good one).

Not, obviously, that this is necessarily advised (or adviseable) unless the person is compos-mentis enough to realise what's going on, and experienced enough that mixing drugs isn't going to phase them.
Oh man, I had a great candy trip last night.

Jimmy freaked out on mushrooms, so Bob gave him half a pill to candy-trip him out of it.
by Shaper August 26, 2004
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