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A camerosexual is very turned on by a smell, a touch, or even the ear lobe of a cameron. Camerosexuals like to be felt upon by a hobknocker. Camerosexuals/Camerons like to be given head, licked on their testicles, and they like to dip their scrotum in ketchup, if they dip it in mustard, the head of the penis will be burnt off. Sometimes, when you give a Camerosexual too much love, they will be filled with excitement and hump everything in their path. When a Cameron is spotted by a Camerosexual, they make loud calling noises, and start peeing on each other.
Sometimes in bed, Camerosexuals like to be licked upon by some jelly and toast, so it can moisturize their bodies.

Wow! Is that a Camerosexual? His body looks so soft!
I know, we had sex the day before yesterday, he told me to give him head, his scrotum was so soft!

Woah, is that Cameron?
He's a total hottie, he's Camerosexual.
by Camera Sex September 04, 2010
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One who likes to poop out peanuts. Camerosexuals are very friendly, and only bite the first few days you have them. After time, they get more comfortable, and will be your personal passionate lover.
Did you see that camerosexual Blow mme(;
by Jello Belly September 04, 2010
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