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Similar to the ubiquitous "mudshark", "supermudshark" or the lesser known "Mekong River delta shark", the "camelshark" is a white woman who dates camel jockeys.
Says Bloke, "Hey Phillis, did you know Hollie is dating Moammar, apparently he is Indian (computer Indian, not vodka type) and is totally flush with cash."

Phillis replies, "Yeah Bloke, that makes her a 'camelshark'. I hope Moammar likes dining out always or boiled Hot Pockets."
by boi1ermaker March 08, 2012
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The camelshark is a synonym for a "Nile River mudshark". This subspecies of mudshark goes after money of a camel jockey rather that a normal mudshark that likes big soul pole, giving taxi rides and getting the shit slapped out of her when she doesn't give her sire the weed money.
"Wow, that blonde teacher chic has turned camelshark...tell me that's NOT about the money with that Pakistani dude!?"
by boi1ermaker March 15, 2012
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