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so freaking beautiful! if you don't love her then you are really really really dense/anus. its kind of hard to hate her explanation point explanation point. if you hate a callyn just kill yourself like really go die because then you aren't cool anyways question mark. you should want to be her best friend,
khugs: doo i luh callyn man but no homo!

by ewfhbwehfbfdddd October 10, 2008
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I don't think I've ever met a more talented person. I've met T-Swift btw.

Shes spicy as hell, a real gamer girl and when we meet eyes across the classroom... I get shivers down my spine.

Her smile lights up my dark world, and her sense of humour is breath taking.

I'd die for Callyn. I'd do it gladly.
Callyn makes my, oh maybe I shouldn't type this, hard.
by Sister hunny January 21, 2019
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