when a girl, advisably one you have an amicable relationship with, gets into a situation where one may presume she is aroused to the point of wetness, leaking if you will, it is necessary to let everyone know of this by yelling "call the plumber"
Situation 1: Guys, I think Charlotte's leaking, I better call the plumber

Situation 2: Have you seen how wet that girl is just looking at the doughnut? She needs to call the plumber
by gonzo89cb October 22, 2010
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When anticipation of anal sex is high you prepare the female by filling her douche with x lax to assure you get a good clean piping.
Yo Gary I was about to Go to pound town through the back door but wanted to make sure the porch was cleaned out so I was calling the plumber to get a clean slip and slide
by Chopperindabag April 29, 2021
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